Fredericton Region Museum (FRM) A Gem to Discover

Fredericton Region Museum (FRM)

New Brunswick

Musée de la région de Fredericton (MRF)


(Author Photo, 31 January 2022)

(Author Photo)

The Fredericton Region Museum (FRM), formerly known as the York Sunbury Museum, is a small, non-profit museum founded in 1934 by the York Sunbury Historical Society.  The museum was housed in several different locations until 1959, when it moved into Officers' Square on Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Le Fredericton Region Museum (FRM), anciennement connu sous le nom de York Sunbury Museum, est un petit musée sans
but lucratif fondé en 1934 par la York Sunbury Historical Society. Le musée a été installé dans plusieurs endroits différents
jusqu'en 1959, date à laquelle il a emménagé sur la place des Officiers sur la rue Queen à Fredericton, au Nouveau-Brunswick.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3306188)

The Fredericton Region Museum as it looked when it served as the Officer's Quarters at the turn of the century. Not the wooden building to the left, removed many years ago.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3398081)

The Fredericton Region Museum has been the backdrop for historic photos for a very long time.  this is the Royal School of Infantry, A Company, Fredericton, New Brunswick., c1890.

The Textron TAPV is an armoured car currently in use by the Canadian Army.  This one was on display in front of the FRM for the RCR change of command on 28 June 2019.

Le Textron TAPV est une voiture blindée actuellement utilisée par l'Armée canadienne. Celui-ci était exposé devant le FRM pour la passation de commandement du RCR le 28 juin 2019.

There has been a long and continuous association of military forces with the city of Fredericton.

Il y a eu une association longue et continue des forces militaires avec la ville de Fredericton.

Firearms and Swords displayed in the Fredericton Region Museum are listed on separate pages on this web site.

Les armes à feu et les épées exposées au Musée de la région de Fredericton sont répertoriées sur des pages distinctes de ce site Web.

(Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Photo)

Officers Square and Barracks, ca 1904.  Fredericton’s most important public space has been a military compound since the late 18th century.  British soldiers stationed in the city used the space as a parade square and training ground from 1786 to 1869.  The current Fredericton Region Museum was the Officers’ Quarters of the British Garrison.  Despite its original purpose for the military, civilians used the open space for entertainment and recreation.  Military bands played in the Square twice weekly, attracting large crowds.

The old British Garrison became home to the new Infantry School Corps, Company “A”, hence Fredericton’s claim to being one of the sites that gave birth to the Canadian army in 1883-1884.

(Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Photo)

Officers Square on the left, where the present day Fredericton Region Museum is housed, with the Soldiers Barracks behind it, in 1867.

(Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Photo)

Soldiers Barracks, ca 1904.

(Author Photo, 30 July 2020)

Former Soldier's Barracks, now part of the NB College of Art and Design.

(Author Photo, 7 January 2022)

Fredericton Region Museum.