National Defence Headquarters Carling, Leopard, Sea King, and HMCS Iroquois bow

National Defence Headquarters Carling, or NDHQ Carling, is a 148.79-hectare site containing federal government buildings near the Crystal Bay area in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. It is located near the intersection of Carling and Moodie Drive.

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Leopard C2 Main Battle Tank.

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Sikorsky CH-124A Sea King (Serial No. 4028), No. 423 Squadron, previously on display at the Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre, Shirley's Bay, Ottawa, Ontario. 4028 was moved to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on 19 Dec 2019. It is currently on display in front of the NDHQ complex on Carling Avenue.

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HMCS Iroquois bow (280 Class).

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