Canadian Expeditionary Force (28) Militia Regiments raised to recruit

Militia Regiments raised during the First World War

During the First World War, a number of "new" militia regiments were established to recruit volunteers into the militia, a requirement made at the beginning of the war. Some of these regiments were given regimental numbers of defunct military regiments. Although not part of the CEF they are included here for information on the formation of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. These militia regiments were the 55th Irish Canadian Rangers the 58th (Westmount) Rifles, both located at Montreal, Quebec, the 70th Regiment at Hull, Quebec, the 108th Regiment raised at Berlin (later renamed Kitchener), Ontario, and the 109th and 110th Irish Regiments, both raised in Toronto, Ontario. (Chris Brooker)

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55th Irish Canadian Rangers

The 55th Regiment (Canadian Rangers) was authorized under General Order 144 of 29 August 1914 as an eight company regiment of infantry with headquarters at Montreal. Under General Order 202 of December 1914 the regiment was reorganized as a four company regiment.

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58th Westmount Rifles

The 58th Regiment (Westmount Rifles) was authorized under General Order 2 of November 1914 as a four company regiment of infantry with headquarters at Westmount, Quebec. In 1917 the regiment was redesignated the 58th Regiment and later in the war became the regimental depot for the 14th Battalion.  In the 1920 post-war reorganization of the Canadian Militia, the 58th Regiment was disbanded and immediately reconstituted as the Royal Montreal Regiment.

70th (Hull) Regiment

The 70th Regiment, was authorized under General Order 7 of 7 August 1914 as an eight company regiment of Infantry with headquarters at Hull, Quebec.

109th Battalion (Victoria & Haliburton. Authorized on 22 December 1915, disbanded on 21 May 1917.

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103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles)

The 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) was an infantry regiment of the Canadian Non-Permanent Active Militia, authorized at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by General Order on 1 April 1910. At the outbreak of the First World War the regiment was not mobilized but served as a recruiting depot to raise battalions for the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), the first being the 10th Battalion, CEF. The regiment also provided soldiers to man the internment camp at Castle Mountain. These soldiers were also employed full time as part of the Active Militia. A number of reinforcement battalions were commanded by former 103rd Regiment officers, including Lieutenant-Colonel William Charles Gordon Armstrong (56th Battalion (Calgary), CEF) and Lieutenant-Colonel George Morfitt (137th (Calgary) Batt

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The 109th Regiment

The 109th Regiment was authorized under General Order 201 of December 15th 1914 as an eight company regiment of infantry with headquarters at Toronto, Ontario.

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110th Irish Regiment

The 110th Irish Regiment was organized at Toronto under General Order 15 of 15 October 1914 with a single battalion of eight companies. During the war the regiment raised the 1st Canadian Machine Gun Battalion, the 180th (Sportsman) Battalion, and the 208th (Canadian Irish) Battalion.

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