Canadian Warplanes 5: Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer

Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer

(Canadian Forces Photo)

Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer Mk. I (Serial No. 134216).

The Beechcraft Musketeer is a family of single-engined, low-wing, light aircraft that was produced by Beechcraft. The line includes the Model 19 Musketeer Sport, the Model 23 Musketeer, Custom and Sundowner, the Model 23-24 Musketeer Super III the retractable gear Model 24-R Sierra and the military CT-134 Musketeer.

The Musketeer line was in production from model years 1963 to 1983, during which time a total of 4,366 were produced. The type certificate for the Musketeer family of aircraft has been owned by Hawker Beechcraft since March 26, 2007. (Wikipedia)

Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer Mk. I, (25), and Mk. II (25), for a total of 50 aircraft.

(Canadian Forces Photo via Chris Charland)

Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer Mk. I (Serial No. 13424), (later changed to 134225).  A Bell CH-136 Kiowa is hovering nearby.  Both were with 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School at CFB Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

(DND Photo via James Craik)

Beechcraft CT-134A Musketeer Mk. I, formation flight, on strength at CFB Portage la Prairie (1971-1992).

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