Royal Canadian Navy Torpedo and Sound Ranging Vessels, Oceanographic Research Ship, Mine Layer/Loop Layer, Yard Diving Tenders, Yard Craft, Fireboats and Tugboats

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) 1990s,

Torpedo and Sound Ranging Vessels, Oceanographic Research Ship, Mine Layer/Loop Layer (NPC 114), (AGOR 114), Yard Diving Tenders, Yard Craft, Fireboats and Tugboats

Torpedo and Sound Ranging Vessels

CFAV Sikanni (YTP 611), CFAV Stikine (YTP 613)

CFAV Sikanni (YTP 611)

(Don Gorham Photo)

CFAV Sikanni (YTP 611).

CFAV Stikine (YTP 613)

(Chris Vic Photo)

CFAV Stikine (YTP 613)

Oceanographic Research Ship

(Mac Mackay Photo)

CFAV Quest (AGOR 172), was an oceanographic research/acoustic vessel used by the RCN and Defence Research and Development Canada.  It was the only ship with this capability in the fleet.  Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quest's crew were civilian members of the Canadian Department of National Defence and the ship was classified as an auxiliary vessel (CFAV).  It was decommissioned in 2016.

The Quest-class oceanographic research vessel lauched on 9 July 1968, was designed for oceanographic and hydrographic research for the Royal Canadian Navy.  The ship displaced 2,130 long tons (2,160 t) and was 71.6 m (235 ft) long overall with a beam of 12.8 m (42 ft) and a draft of 4.6 m (15 ft).  The ship was fitted with a small helicopter platform capable of handling light helicopters, but this was later removed and converted to a rear crane platform.

Quest was a diesel electric, twin shaft, twin rudder ship.  The vessel was equipped with two 10-cylinder Fairbanks-Morse 38D8 diesel engines driving two GE electric motors.  This gave the ship a speed of 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph).  The vessel had an effective range of 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km; 12,000 mi) at 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph) for 35 days.

Mine Layer/Loop Layer (NPC 114), (AGOR 114)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Bluethroat (AGOR 114).

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Bluethroat (AGOR 114).  Built as a controlled minelayer, she was also able to carry out cable laying work.  HMCS Bluethroat’s decks were painted red.  She was purpose-built for the RCN at Davie Shipyards - 156 ft length, 33 ft beam, a 10 ft draught and displacing 785 tons.

Yard Diving Tenders

Unnamed (YDT 9), unnamed (YDT 11), CFAV Granby (YDT 12), CFAV Sechelt (YDT 610), CFAV Sooke (YDT 612).

Unnamed (YDT 9)

(CPO D.C. Silvester Photo)

Unnamed (YDT 9)

Yard Craft (YDT 11)

(CPO D.C. Silvester Photo)

Yard Craft (YDT 11).

(Cpl Colin Kelley Photo)

Yard Craft (YDT 11).

(Halifax Shipping News Photo)

CFAV Granby (YDT 12).

CFAV Sechelt (YDT 610)

(Ken Watson Photo)

CFAV Sechelt (YDT 610).

(Christopher James Cole Photo)

CFAV Sooke (YDT 612)


CFAV Firebird (YTR 561), CFAV Firebrand (TTR 562)

CFAV Firebird (YTR 561)

(Sandy McClearn Photo)

CFAV Firebird (YTR 561).


CFAV Glendyne (YTB 640), CFAV Glendale (YTB 641), CFAV Glenevis (YTB 642), CFAV Glenbrook (YTB 643), CFAV Tillicum (YTM 555), CFAV Lawrenceville (YTL 590), CFAV Parksville (YTL 591), CFAV Listerville (YTL 592), CFAV Merrickville (YTL 593), CFAV Marysville (YTL 594).


CFAV Pelican (YAG 4), CFAV Gemini (YAG 650), CFAV Pegasus (YAG 651), CFAV Albatross (YAG 661), CFAV Black Duck (YAG 660)

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