Warplane Survivors USA: South Dakota

South Dakota Warplanes

(USGOV-PD Photo)

North American F-51D-25-NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-73578), 175th Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, ca 1948.

(USAF Photo)

North American F-51D-25-NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-73564), 175th Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, ca 1948.

(John Mollison, South Dakota Air National Guard Photo)

Northrop F89-D Scorpion (Serial No. 51-1149), South Dakota Air National Guard, 1957.

(USAF Photo)

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 70-1014),   175th Tactical Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, 1979.

(Mike Freer, Touchdown-aviation Photo)

LTV A-7D-11-CV Corsair II (Serial No. 70-1030), 175th Tactical Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, 1985.

(Tech. Sgt. Caycee Cook, USAF Photo)

General Dynamics F-16C Block 30A Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 85-1448), 175th Fighter Squadron, 114th Fighter Wing, South Dakota Air National Guard, July 2010.

(USGOV-PD Photo)

General Dynamics F-16C Block 30A Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 89-0064), 175th Fighter Squadron, 114th Fighter Wing, South Dakota Air National Guard, July 2011.

(Master Sgt. Vincent De Groot, SD ANG Photo)

General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 88-0418), South Dakota Air National Guard, 2017.

Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota helicopters flown by a South Dakota Army National Guard aviation unit were deployed to the southwest border of the United States in continuing support of the United States Customs and Border Protection.  (South Dakota Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Beck)

(Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III, USAF Photo)

Rockwell B-1B Lancer from the 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth AFB, dropping away after air-to-air refueling.

(Tomas Del Coro Photo)

Rockwell B-1B Lancer (Serial No. 86-0108), 37th Bomb Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth AFB, Feb 2017.

For those of you who are familiar with the airspace over South Dakota and its environs, the weather and colors of the landscape running from the bare prairie to the Badlands and the Black Hills can be incredibly beautiful, particularly early in the morning. The state is also home to a considerable number of retired warbirds and gate guardians. Ellsworth Air Force Base, for example, has been the home of military aviation in South Dakota since the Second World War.

It is my hope that this book will show you where to find and view some of South Dakota s veteran military aircraft, and to perhaps take an interest in some of the military aviation history that can be found in this warm and friendly state that is home to the Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills, as well as the last resting place of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood. This book is specifically intended to provide a where are they guide for residents and visitors to South Dakota who are interested in its rich resources of historical military aircraft, as well as contact information for the museums and airfields that display them.

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South Dakota Warplane Survivors


Grumman G-21A Goose (Serial No. B-70), Reg. No. N888GG.  Ronald J. Rivett, 1910 8th Ave NE, 57401.


(Robert Dilley Photo)

(Mike Heideman Photos)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 53-6100), c/n 580-9731.


North American AT-6A Texan (Serial No. 66-2517), Reg. No. N8BP.  Harrison C. Thompson, PO Box 921, 57006-0921.
Consolidated Vultee BT-13A Valiant (Serial No. 2972), Reg. No. N63656.  David A. Beulke, 347 Eastern Ave S, 57006.

Bell OH-13E Sioux Helicopter (Serial No. 511-4127), Reg. No. N6240.  Brookings Civil Defense, 307 3rd Ave., 57006.


(Mike Freer - Touchdown-aviation Photo, 1988)

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 69-6239), City of Faulkton Airport.


Hughes TH-55 Osage Helicopter (Serial No. 64-18170), Reg. No. N3793B. 3793B Inc., c/o Joseph Kolbach, 3771 Edgewater Drive, 57237-5528.

Great Plains

Vougt A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 70-1050).  Great Plains Airport, 57064.


North American P-51K-5NT Mustang (Serial No. 44-11807), South Carolina Air National Guard colours, project, Reg. No. N451K.  Francis Butler.


Boeing Stearman A75N1 PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No. 75-8307), Reg. No. N5053V. Vanderpol Construction Co., 27406 377th Ave., 57344-5013.
Boeing Stearman A75N1 PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No. 75-2850), Reg. No. N55045.  Vanderpol Construction Co., 27406 377th Ave., 57344-5013.


LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No.  70-1012), mounted on a concrete pylon, Huron Regional Airport, 57350.

Fairchild M-62A Cornell (Serial No. T411167), Reg. No. N47400.  Propnuts Aero Club, W.W. Howes Airport, 57350.


North American AT-6D Texan (Serial No. 88-15693), Reg. No. N9272K. Joseph E. Habeger, 900 NE 8th St., 57042-1815.


Beech T-34A Mentor (Serial No. 59-8082 FM-82), Reg. No. N34MH. Walter R. Miller, Rte 5, Box 347, 57301.

Mitchell, Soukup & Thomas International Balloon & Airship Museum, 700 North Main Street, 57301.  This museum is closed.

1890’s Charles Dolfus Balloon Baskets

Hindenburg (LZ-129) Dishes

Shennandoah Girders/Control Room Doors

Pierre, South Dakota National Guard Museum, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Building, 425 East Capitol Ave., 57501.

(USAF Photo)

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 70-0996),  175th Tactical Fighter Squadron, South Dakota Air National Guard, in Bicentennial Motif, 1972.

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 70-5996).


Douglas A-26C Invader (Serial No. 44-35552), Reg. No. N5544V.  Duane D. Sly, 36776 275th St., Airport Road 57369.

Rapid City, South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Ellsworth Air Force Base.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor (Serial No. 52-10866), painted as (Serial No. 54-0796), C/N AF-796, Reg. No. N4111A.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Beechcraft U-8D Seminole (Serial No. 56-3708).

(Robert Dilley Photo)                        

Bell OH-13H Sioux Helicopter (Serial No. 58-1520).

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Bell UH-1F Iroquois (Serial No. 65-7951), C/N 7082, 37 ARRS.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Boeing B-29A Superfortress (Serial No. 44-87779), R, C/N 12582.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Boeing B-52D Stratofortress (Serial No. 56-0657), C/N 464028.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Boeing EC-135A Stratotanker (Serial No. 61-0262), C/N 18169.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Cessna U-3A Blue Canoe (Serial No. 57-5872), MN-NG, C/N 38027.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Cessna O-2A Skymaster (Serial No. 62-1422), C/N 337M-0128.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Convair F-102A Delta Dagger (Serial No. 56-1017).

(Greg Goebel Photo)

Convair C-131D Samaritan (Serial No. 55-0292), C/N 315.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Serial No. 42-92127), Reg. No. N226GB.

(kjfishman Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Douglas A-26K Invader (Serial No. 44-35896), painted as (Serial No. 64-17640), C/N 29175.  Reg. No. N267G and N2294B.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Douglas C-54 Skymaster (Serial No. 42-72592), C/N 10697/428.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

General Dynamics FB-111A Aardvark (Serial No. 68-0248), B1-20.

Honda B-2 Spirit model (non-flying 1/8th scale replica).

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 57-0590), C/N 580-1239.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photos)

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 74-1739), SD, C/N D-414.

(Greg Goebel)

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Martin EB-57B Canberra (Serial No. 52-1548), C/N 131.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

McDonnell F-101B Voodoo (Serial No. 59-0426), C/N 750.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photo)

North American VB-25J Mitchell (Serial No. 44-4030), C/N 108-24356, painted as (Serial No. 44-39340).  Reg. No. N3339G.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

North American F-86H Sabre (Serial No. 53-1302), C/N 203-74.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Robert Dilley Photos)

North American F-100A Super Sabre (Serial No. 55-1553), C/N 192-48.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Northrop YT-38A Talon (Serial No. 58-1192), C/N N5002.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-8886).

(Robert Dilley Photos)

Republic F-105B Thunderchief (Serial No. 57-5839), HI, C/N B76.

(Greg Goebel Photo)

(Jaydec Photo)

Rockwell B-1B Lancer (Serial No. 83-0067), EL, C/N 4, 28 BW.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Stinson L-5A Sentinel (Serial No. 45-35046), Reg. No. N63373.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

Vultee BT-13A Valiant (Serial No. 41-22204), 1941.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

MIM-3 Nike-Ajax Missile.

(Robert Dilley Photos)

LGM-30F Minuteman II Missile.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

HGM-25A Titan I Missile (Serial No. 4523).


Radioplane Drone.

AGM-28A Hound Dog Missile.

(Robert Dilley Photo)

ATR-2N on MF-9 trailer, training round for the MB-1/AIR-2A "Genie" nuclear rocket.

Rapid City

North American T-28A Trojan (Serial No. 49-1516), Reg. No. N10WX.  Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, 501 E St. Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD 57701.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Air National Guard, Sioux Falls Airport, Industrial and Algonquin, PO Box 5044, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5044.

Convair F-102A Delta Dagger (Serial No. 53-1801), painted as (Serial No. 56-1114).

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 137993), C/N 580-8284.

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 70-0931)

McDonnell F-4 Phantom II (Serial No. 63-7491)

North American F-100 Super Sabre (Serial No. 56-3187)


Dornier Do-27A1 (Serial No. 211), Reg. No. N211KM, Spearfish Aviation Inc., 120 Union St., 57783-2923.


Boeing Stearman A75L300 Kaydet (Serial No. 75-2079), Reg. No. N1414W. Amond H. Hanson, 210 Washington Street, 57069.


(wardnkathy Photo)

Minuteman II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile inside a silo at Delta-09 Launch Silo/Facility.


(Robert Dilley Photo)

Douglas A-4C Skyhawk (BuNo. 147681) painted as it looked in 1965 when the aircraft was assigned to H&MS 15 on the USS Hornet.  It was one of four A-4C aircraft assigned to the squadron. Tail marking YV, nose number 81.  Tom Rancour wrote,"The fuselage of 147681 was found in a scrap yard in Michigan by Bob Schneider of Tyler, Texas in the 1990s.  Bob traded HUMVEE parts for it.   Bob was a USMC A4 pilot in Vietnam.  He still flies an A4 for A4 LLC.  I purchased the aircraft from him in March 2012.  The wing is from a TA-4J and portion of the tail from a third A4.  I have the tailpipe and an overhauled J65 engine in my building on display with my other military collection.  The aircraft was assembled in Hawkins, Texas by mostly Vietnam A4 vets.   I was able to get several photos of the aircraft in 1965-66 from the Skyhawk Association, Naval Aviation News and the 65-66 USS Hornet Cruise Book.  I used the photos to make stenciling to recreate the insignia that was on the aircraft in 65 and 66.  We painted it with Dupont Imron paint at $478/gallon so the finish would last.  I was fortunate to have found and talked to  the H&MS 15 squadron controller and one of the pilots who flew the aircraft. It has been a great project to be involved in.  I still have to add a border fence and an information plaque around the aircraft to dress it up.  Maybe a navy yardarm with the appropriate flags also.  I have met a lot of A4 veterans that stop to "say hello to an old friend"."


Beech U-21 (Serial No. 66-18080), Reg. No. N518NA. Lake Area Technical Institute, PO Box 730, 57201-0730.

(NGComets Photo)

Bell AH-1F Cobra helicopter (Serial No. 0-23238), City Park, near the Veterans Memorial.

LTV A-7E Corsair II (BuNo. 157435), Watertown Municipal Airport.


(Terry Alberta Photo)

Northrop T-38A Talon (Serial No. 60-0595), Thunderbird colours, "Yankton", mounted on a pylon at Chan Gurney Municipal Airport.

Battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57)

(RN Photo, IWM A17648)

Vought OS2U Kingfisher being catapulted from the battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57) at Scapa Flow, Scotland (UK) while operating with elements of the British Home Fleet.

(NMNA Photo)

Vought OS2U Kingfisher taxiing towards the recovery sled for recovery by the battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57) in April 1943.  The USS South Dakota was operating in the North Atlantic at that time.

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