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Visitors: Questions & Answers - UFOs and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Suppose you could communicate with a visitor who was not from this place, time, space or even this dimension? What would you want to ask them? This book may provide some of those answers.
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Suppose you could communicate with a visitor who was not from this place, time, space or even this dimension? What would you want to ask them? The answers probably lie in what our own response would be if we were they. Visitors, Questions & Answers is based on a collection of interviews I have had with a few individuals who may have actually had such an experience. The idea is that if enough of us are ready to ask the questions and gain the answers, then our collective knowledge and understanding of the "multiverse" about us can only continue to be enhanced. Sometimes the responses that you will read here are similar; often they are diametrically opposed to each other. An open but highly skeptical mind is extremely necessary if you are going to sift through the data that is presented in this book. The intent is that it should peak your curiosity to learn more about "visitors." In this way, we may be better informed and prepared, and thus in some sort of coherent shape to deal with their arrival. If you read Visitors, Questions & Answers, you must be well prepared to choose for yourself what you will or will not believe.

UFO crash vehicle at Corona, New Mexico, 6 July 1947, author painting in the Fredericton Region Museum
Cylinder UFOs, author painting in the Fredericton Region Museum
Giant triangle UFO, author painting in the Fredericton Region Museum

The founding premise of this book is that “nothing is by accident.”  Therefore, you may need to ask yourself the following questions.  “What lessons am I to learn from who and what I am going to encounter?  Am I helping or hindering a resolution to any given situation that I may find myself in?  For that matter, am I rescuing or “saving” someone from something, or am I simply meddling or interfering?  What is it that needs to take place in order to achieve a successful resolution to the problem question posed in any given situation presented here, and what needs to be left well enough alone?  More specifically, what comes from the shadow places, what comes from the light, and do I have the skills to discern the difference?  These sorts of questions are applicable no matter how unusual the situation or circumstances you might possibly find yourself in when it comes to dealing with visitors.  Make the most of whatever opportunities you may encounter, and should you find answers to the questions posed here, please share them.

Interesting and unusual events occur throughout all of our lives.  Whenever and wherever they happen, I have found it to be a valuable lesson and a good idea to conduct an intensive personal inward look at oneself about the nature of the things that have taken place.  The key question usually centers on how it was that the events came to pass the way they did, and what it is that they mean for the future.  I prefer to examine the origin of a particular event (or the cause of it), at its source, by going upstream to the key point and place in time to where and when the event began.  Perhaps you conduct the same sort of investigations yourself.  If so, then I would suspect that you have asked many of the same kinds of questions you will find posed to the visitors in this book.  Perhaps you have already connected a series of the dots in the threaded line of questions, and come up with some useful conclusions of your own.  In this sense, I would like to ask you the following question.  Have you ever had the feeling that someone (or something) was trying to tell you something?

My hope is that this book will leave you with some possible answers to this question.  Perhaps some or all of the “seemingly unconnected” events that you have no doubt experienced in your life do have a specific connection.  Perhaps nothing is by accident, and even more likely, you have been aware when it has been so.  Perhaps, like me, you have wondered if the purpose of the visitor’s arrival has been for a variety of reasons, some for a higher purpose, others possibly not.  The material I have presented here is aimed at showing as many sides of the visitors as possible. You will find a fair number of quotations here, for and against many sides of the possible answer.  You must choose for yourself which of the many possible visitor scenarios is unfolding.

At the end of this book, it is also my intent that you ask yourself whether you have possibly been affected in some way by visits, or strange events that didn’t seem connected at the time but in hindsight do now.  Did these events that unfolded before you happen in the way that they were supposed to happen?  Could “things” have been played out differently?  Were you “the bridge” or catalyst to help move things forward, and if so, how, where, when, what and why?

These kinds of questions and many of the possible answers that can be found are presented here as they have been given to me.  I have found myself asking whether I have had the time (or the presence of mind) to ask for appropriate guidance before responding to, or reacting to, the comments and responses posed to the questions I have asked.  Most often I have found that gut instinct is the best form of guidance, and in general, it continues to be spontaneously provided.  As has been said by others in another place and time, “when the time is right, you will be provided with the wisdom and with the direction you need to see things through, whatever the processes and end results may be.”

For my part, I would like to know, “what comes next?”  I therefore watch from the inside while taking part on the outside, because in my experience, there is always “more to follow.”  Perhaps you do the same.  I have also found that in most experiences, there is a lesson to be learned.  What is important is that one learn from the lesson being taught, and that you apply the Lessons Learned to the next task you are assigned (and don’t make the same mistake twice).  It is very important to understand, however, that if you don’t ask the questions, you may never learn the answers.  It is always a good idea to take very careful notes and to record the details of any particularly interesting experience (or visit) which you may encounter.  Once you have examined the experience from all possible angles you too may realize that, as I said at the beginning, nothing is by accident.  What then, is the bottom line?  As far as I have been shown, we are guided in all that we do.  We all have a purpose, and sometimes a mission to accomplish.  The challenges posed are for our growth.  When it is deemed to be necessary, we will be advised and guided to the best response, although quite often it will be instinctive, or intuitive.  This is what permits those of us who are on this planet to sleep in peace, even when there are unexpected "Visitors".

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