Artillery in Portugal: Lisbon, Pedrouços

Artillery in Portugal (Part 8)

Lisbon, Pedrouços

(Rui Cartila Photos)

Bronze guns at the Pedrouços, Instituto Universitário Militar/Military University Institute (IUM), R. de Pedrouços 122, 1449-027 Lisboa, Portugal.

According to Ruth Rhynas Brown, these may be naval guns, one of which may be a bronze SBML 7 foot 3-pounder supplied by William Bowen in the early 1740s. They weighed about 11 cwt.   This one appears to have a weight on the cascabel of 12-0-0 (1344 lbs), dated 1742. Rui Carita photographed these cannon where they stand in front of the Portuguese Joint Command and Staff College at Pedrucos, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Portuguese Joint Command and Staff College or IESM is the military university establishment that provides training and education to experienced officers of the three service branches of the Portuguese Armed Forces and of the Portuguese National Republican Guard.

(IUM Photo)

7.5-cm Schneider-Canet Model 1917 Field Gun.

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