Artillery and Armour in the USA: Texas (2) Camp Mabry, Texas Forces Military Museum

Artillery, Tanks and AFVs in Texas (Part 2),

Camp Mabry

One of the aims of this website is to locate, identify and document every historical piece of artillery and all armoured fighting vehicles preserved in Texas.  Many contributors have assisted in the hunt for these tangible pieces of our military history and the list you see here is constantly being revised as new finds are discovered and the data is updated.  The photos have come from various contributors, but the author likes to "ground truth" the reports, so a good number of the photos are by the author unless otherwise credited.  Any errors found here are by the author.   It often happens that military monuments that are relatively mobile, have been moved for restoration or scrapped, sometimes they are repainted with different markings and serial numbers, or they are replaced with a different piece of kit.  For those reasons, any additions, deletions, corrections or amendments that you may be able to add to this list of Artillery and AFVs in Texas would be most welcome and may be e-mailed to the author at  The primary aim is preserve our military history and to keep the record accurate.

Camp Mabry is a military installation in Austin, Texas that houses the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces and the Texas Military Forces Museum.  Established in 1892, Camp Mabry is the third-oldest active military installation in Texas.  It was named for Brigadier-General Woodford H. Mabry, the Adjutant General of Texas when the camp was founded.  The camp was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

Camp Mabry is the home to the Joint Force Headquarters of the Texas Military Forces, housing the office of the state adjutant general and the headquarters of the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard.   It also hosts the Texas Military Forces Museum.

The facility has served a variety of military purposes since its establishment.  It was used as a mobilization area during the Spanish-American War, as headquarters for the Texas Defense Guard during the Second World War, and as a training facility for the Texas DPS and the Texas Rangers until 1953.  It has also hosted the Texas National Guard's State Officer Candidate School since 1959.  Camp Mabry currently hosts tenant units from the US Army Reserve and the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Austin, Texas Military Forces Museum, Camp Mabry, 2200 West 35th St & MoPac Freeway, Loop 1.

Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Texas Military Forces Museum, outdoor vehicle exhibits.

M3 Stuart light tank.

M4A3 (105) Sherman tank variant armed with a 105-mm main gun.

M7B1 Priest 105-mm SP Gun.

M7B2 Priest 105-mm SP Gun.

M24 Chaffee light tank.

M26 Pershing MBT.

M48 Patton MBT.

M60 MBT.

M60A1 MBT.

M60A3 MBT.

M60A3 MBT Monument North West of the Museum.

M1 Abrams MBT.

Self-propelled (SP) Gun park.

M42A1 Motor Gun Carriage, Duster, twin Bofors 40-mm cannon.

M44 155-mm SP Howitzer.

M108 105-mm SP Gun.

M110A2 8-inch SP Heavy Howitzer.

M56 Scorpion AT Gun.  The M56 is an American unarmoured, airmobile self-propelled anti-tank gun armed armed with a 90-mm M54 gun with a blast shield and an opne top unprotected crew compartment.

M55 APC.

M75 APC.

M84 APC.

M106 4.2-inch Mortar Carrier.

M113A2 APC.

M114 APC.

M577A2 Command Post.

M901A1 ITV (TUA).

M578 ARV.

M728 CEV.

D7F Bulldozer.

M919 Concrete Mobile Mixer.

M936A1 Wrecker.

Willys MB Jeep (U.S. Army "Truck, 1⁄4 ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance).

Willys M38A1 Jeep (U.S. Army "Truck, 1⁄4 ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance).

M151 MUTT 1/4-Ton 4×4, Utility Truck.

M-715 light truck.

Fire truck.


Staff car.

M29 Weasel.

(US Army Signal Corps Photo)

'Weasels,' with their wide tracks, make easier going for medics transporting wounded men back from front lines over snow-covered and rough terrain as Airborne troops move to take Herresbach, Belgium. 325th CLDR Regiment, 29 January 1945.

M3 Half-track.

Foreign Equipment

German Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer.

German Half-track.

German VW Kubelwagen.

Soviet MT-LB (Iraq).


M50 (MGR-LB) Honest John SSM.

M2 155-mm Long Tom Field Gun, (later known as the M59). The gun could fire a 45.36 kg (100 lb) shell to a maximum range of  13.7 miles (22 km).

M1A1 155-mm Carriage Guns.  No. 1 of 2 located on each side of the Long Tom at the north end of the sports field.

M1A1 155-mm Carriage Guns.  No. 2 of 2 located on each side of the Long Tom at the north end of the sports field.

M5 3-inch AT Gun.

Light Mountain Howitzer.

M2A1 (M101A1) 105-mm howitzer No. 1 of 2.

M2A1 (M101A1) 105-mm howitzer No. 2 of 2.

Soviet M1946 130-mm Field Gun (Iraq).

Soviet M1938 122-mm Howitzer.

German 5-cm Pak 38 (L/60) (5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 (L/60)) Anti-tank Gun.

German 10.5cm leFH 18/40 howitzer.

Voie de la Liberté 1944, Sainte-Menehould Victory marker, France. Liberty Road (French La voie de la Liberté) is the commemorative way marking the route of the Allied forces from D-Day, 6 June 1944.  It starts in Sainte-Mere-Eglise in the Manche departement in Basse-Normandie, France, travels across Northern France to Metz and then northwards to end in Bastogne, on the border of Luxembourg and Belgium.  At each of the 1,146 kilometres, there is a stone marker or 'Borne'.  The first lies outside the town hall in Sainte-Mère-Église.

3-inch M1902 field gun.

75-mm M1987 Field Gun.

75-mm Pack Howitzer M1 (redesignated the M116 in 1962).

M101 105-mm Howitzer.

Soviet 12.7-mm DShKm 38/46 Heavy MG (Iraq).

Soviet ZPU-4 14.5-mm Anti-Aircraft Gun System (Iraq).

Japanese Type 98 20-mm Anti-Aircraft machine Cannon.


US Naval Gun Factory WNY 6-pounder Mk. III, No. 362, Naval Reserve Memorial Gun, No. 1 of 2.

US Naval Gun Factory 6-pounder Mk. III, No. 1179, Naval Reserve Memorial Gun, No. 2 of 2.

6-pounder Smoothbore Muzzleloading replica guns known as the "Twin Sisters".

Smoothbore Muzzleloading Gun inside the museum.

Aircraft and Helicopters

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 64-14142).

Bell UH-1M Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 68-16189).

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 66-15153).  Not seen, may have been moved to another base.

Bell OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter (Serial No. 0-20486).

General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 84-393), EF, 147 FW, mounted on a pylon.

Hiller OH-23 Raven Helicopter (Serial No. 116337).

McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 64-0712), mounted on pylon.

North American F-86D Sabre Jet (Serial No. 52-3770).  Texas Air Guard.

Piper L-4 Grasshopper (Serial No. 18573).

Piper L-4 Grasshopper (Serial No.)

Piper L-21 Super Cub (Serial No.)

Republic F-84 Thunderjet (Serial No. 49-2285), FS-189.

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