Artwork by the Author

A few paintings I have done over the years...

Northern Lights, Orion. with Lincoln Elementary School, New Brunswick. (0394/295)

View of Earth from space. (0402/303)

Seascape near Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland. Now with Joyce Curtis and family, Meductic. (0128/015)

Burin Peninsula, island at sunset. First acrylic painting, 1971. (0143/018)

Sunrise on the Crow River, Algonquin Park. With Thayne Jenkins, Summerside, Prince Edward Island. (0189/120)

Close to Winter. (0113/050)

Algonquin Park waterfall, enhanced, now with Jenny  Skaarup, Riviere de Chute. (0168/026)

Waterfall, Terra Nova park, Newfoundland. (0149/049)

Triberg Waterfall, Black Forest, Germany. (0237/138)

Autumn No. 1.

Autumn No. 2.

Sunset on Foley's Lake. (0122/99)

A walk in the woods. (0170/105)

Deadfall over green water. (0172/106)

Sunlight, Forest Gorge. (081/112)

Artwork, Ocean No. 1.

Bermuda Natural Arches, Jan 1978. (0111/103)

8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) Headquarters, Sussex, New Brunswick, Col Tom Peppard commission. (0391/292)

Bull rider. (0338/239)

Boe. (0302/203)

16th century German Knight - Der Ritter, copy of Albrecht Durer's knight from his "Ritter, Tod und Teufel" drawing, 1516. (0249/150)

Burg Eltz, Germany. (0236/137)

King's Mountains, 1972. (0109/042)

Alberta Rockies. (0101/090)

Good Morning, Alberta. (0100/102)

Canadian Forces Lockheed CC-130 Hercules over the Rocky Mountains, No. 1. Charlottetown Airport, Prince Edward Island. (0140/044)

McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo over the Rockies, now with the Royal Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (0136/080)

RCAF Avro Lancaster Mk. X over the water, now with the Harriet Irving Library Collection, University of New Brunswick Collection, Fredericton. (0162/056)

Rose Cape Lighthouse, New England. (0104/081)

Ferryland lighthouse. (0186/117)

Prince, the laughing dog. (0392/293)

Three artists at work, Jonathan, Sean & Hal Skaarup, June 1991. (0258/159)

Cole & Ashley, winter sled time. (0383/284)

Stonehenge, United Kingdom 1. (0242/143)

Stonehenge, United Kingdom 2. (0241/142)

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany. (0238/139)

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany. (250/151)

Rhine Pfalz Castle, Germany. (0240/141)

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. With Jonathan Skaarup. Attleboro, Massachusetts. (0244/145)

Heidelburg Castle, Germany. (0245/146)

Haut Koenigsburg Castle, France. With Aaron McLeod, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. (0247/148)

Roder Gate & Markus Tower, Rothenburg, Germany. (0248/149)

Rothenburg aub der Tauber, Germany. (0239/140)

Pont du Gard, Nimes, France. (0255/156)

Gorch Foch, German sail training ship. with Jonathan Skaarup. Attleboro, Massachusetts. (0246/147)

The Pelican fires a broadside, d'Iberville, Hudson's Bay. with Jonathan Skaarup. Attleboro, Massachusetts. (0243/144)

St. John's trawler. (0159-055)

Adam's 1965 Ford GT40. (0376/297)

UFO, Corona crash vehicle, 4 July 1947. (0397/298)

UFO, Triangle, Fredericton Region Museum. (0402/303)

Starship. With Dave and Margaret, Johnville, New Brunswick. (0256/157)

Spacewalk. With Fern Alexander, Borden, Ontario. (0257/158)

Star Trek, Enterprise NCC-1701, No. 3, Fredericton City Library. (051/022)

Star Trek, Enterprise NCC-1701, (0301-0202)

Saturn and family. (0264/165)

Rainbow Lion for Ashley. (0410/311)

Self-portrait, Sky Hawk, exit from a Lockheed C-139 Hercules over DZ Buxton, Edmonton, Alberta, 1977. (0281/182)

Sky Hawk exit from a Chinook helicopter, my view looking up, 1978. (0365/266)

Sky Hawk exit from a de Havilland CC-138 Twin Otter.  (0362-263)

Sky Hawk exit from a Douglas CC-129 Dakota. (0361/262)

Skyhawk exit from a Lockheed C-130 Hercules. (0363/264)

Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk, RCAF. (0317/218)

North American P-51D Mustang Mk. IV, RCAF. (0347/248)

North American P-51D Mustang Mk IV RCAF & USAF. (0374/275)

Canadair CL-13 Sabre RCAF (Serial No. 23649), Golden Hawk. (0380/281)

McDonnell CF-188 Hornet, CF D-Day Commemoration. (0306/207)

MiG-29 Fulcrum, summer clouds rising. United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Sprngs, Colorado. (0192/123)

Aage Skaarup flying his home-built Challenger II over the Skaarup farm. (0304/205)