Canadian Warplanes 1: Fairey Seafox

Fairey Seafox

(RN Photo)

Fairey Seafox flown by RCN and RCNVR pilots in service with the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy. Canadians serving in Naval Air Squadrons of the Royal Navy FAA flew the Seafox.  

The Seafox was a British two-seat spotter-reconnaissance seaplane designed to be catapulted from the deck of a light cruiser.  The Seafox was powered by one Napier Rapier VI 16-cylinder “H” piston engine.  It reached speeds of 106mph/171 km/h, and had a range of 440 miles/708 km.  In 1939 a Seafox played a part in the attack on the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee by spotting for the naval gunners. This led to the ship’s destruction in the Battle of the River Plate. (Wikipedia)

(IWM Photo, A 22229)

Fairey Seafox floatplane at the Royal Naval Aircraft Establishment at Maharagama, Ceylon, ca 1944.

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