New Brunswick Aviation Museum, Miramichi

New Brunswick Aviation Museum

( MCpl Chelsey Hutson, 12 Wing Imaging Photo)

Nieuport 11 replica, NBAM.

Larry Ricker donated his replica Nieuport 11 to the NBAM after having flown across Canada in his replica First World War biplanes to commemorate the 100thanniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (9-12 April 1917).

Thestory of Vimy Ridge, where the Canadian Expeditionary Force succeeded int seizing the hill when other forces had not, is often considered a formative experience for the fledgling nation, and pilots were a key part of the Canadian success. Many pilots were killed in the missions flown to take aerial photos of the area,with the object of ensuring each soldier could have an accurate map before taking part in the battle.

RCAF provided a C-17 Globemaster to carry the planes to France, and Veterans Affairs and the French government supported their participation in the Vimy Ridge flypast.

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1947 North American Navion (NA-145) C/N NAV-4-779, Reg. No. C-GYIY.

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1996 Taylor JT-1 Monoplane, Reg. No. C-FWVG.

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McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo (Serial No. 101053), ex-USAF (Serial No. 57-0418). On the grounds of former CFB Chatham.

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McDonnell CF-101B Voodoo (Serial No. 101037), No. 416 Squadron.

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Canadair CL-13 Sabre (Serial No. 23314), as flown at RCAF Station Chatham, No. 1 (Fighter) Operational Training Unit.

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Canadair CL-13 Sabre, one of the Golden Hawks flying out of CFB Chatham in the 1960s.  This painting is on display in the NBAM.

RCAF Station Chatham was in service from 1941-1945, and again from 1949-1996.


  • No. 21 Elementary Flying Training School
  • opened May 15, 1941
  • Conducted initial pilot training on light aircraft
  • Aircraft operated – Fleet Finch II
  • Moved – 14 Aug 42
  • No. 10 Air Observer School
  • opened June 6, 1941
  • Provided training to Air Navigators
  • Aircraft operated – Avro Anson
  • Closed – 30 April 45, end of war
  • No. 1 (Fighter) Operational Training Unit
  • Provided initial jet training to fighter pilots
  • Aircraft operated:
  • de Havilland Vampire
  • Canadair Sabre
  • Closed – 31 Oct 61, reformed as Sabre Transition Unit
  • No. 421 (Fighter) Squadron
  • air defence unit
  • Aircraft operated:
  • de Havilland Vampire
  • 19 Jan 51, transferred to 1 CAD
  • Golden Hawks air demonstration team
  • Aircraft operated:
  • Canadair Sabre
  • 13 Nov 62, moved to Trenton
  • Sabre Transition Unit
  • formed Oct 31, 1961
  • Provided initial/conversion training on the Sabre Aircraft
  • Aircraft operated:
  • Canadair Sabre
  • Disbanded – Dec 68, end of Sabre ops
  • No. 416 All Weather (Fighter) Squadron
  • formed Nov 1962
  • NORAD duties
  • Aircraft operated:
  • McDonnell-Douglas CF-101 Voodoo
  • Disbanded – 31 Dec 84, end of CF-101 ops
  • 425 Munitions Maintenance Sqn (USAF)
  • formed 1964
  • NORAD duties
  • Disbanded – 1975
  • No. 434 Sqn
  • July 9, 1985
  • tactical air support
  • Aircraft operated:
  • Canadair CF-116 Freedom Fighter
  • Disbanded – 13 June 1988
  • Air Defence Artillery School
  • Sept 11, 1985
  • Ground to air weapons training unit for the Canadian Army
  • 119 Air Defence Battery
  • Sept 11 1985
  • Ground to air weapons unit for the Canadian Army    

(Source: RCAF Info, Nathan Kachur)

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General Motors (Grumman) TBM-3Avenger (BuNo. 85733), Reg. No. C-GLEK, Forest Protection Ltd, Aircraft No. 14.

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General Motors (Grumman) TBM-3 Avenger (BuNo. 85733), Reg.No. C-GLEK, Forest Protection Ltd, Aircraft No. 14, on display at the CentralNew Brunswick Woodsmen's Museum, a Canadian forestry museum located in Boiestown, New Brunswick. The museum is located on a 15-acre site alongsideHighway 8 and the Southwest Miramichi River. If you are driving to the Miramichi from Fredericton, you may pass this aircraft preserved on a hardstand (outdoors in the summer, indoors in the winter) at their Museum.

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