New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM) centuries of Canadian service in uniform

New Brunswick Military History Museum

5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown

Friends of the NBMHM recently put the museum's M3 Halftrack into running order!

Once upon a time, or "back in the day" as my generation likes to say, I served as a Military Intelligence Officer in the Canadian Army.  I was fortunate in having a career that gave me  a chance to see some interesting parts of the word while on duty, including Germany, Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colorado, Afghanistan and of course here at home and across Canada.  During those 40 years with the Canadian Forces, I had the privilege of taking part in history making events and having interesting experiences with incredibly talented people from many different countries. As a result, I like to think that I have a bit of insight into some of the military history that Canadian soldiers, sailors, airmen and women have made in the past, are making in the present and will make in the future, both here at home and overseas.  I have written and researched some of our stories and experiences, and if you have similar interests, you will find a good deal of it here, shared from my perspective.

When I retired from the Army in 2011 at CFB Gagetown, now renamed 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, New Brunswick, I took an interest in the New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM) on base.  Now settled down at our home in Fredericton, I became a volunteer researcher and tour guide at the museum, and also currently serve on the Board of Directors at the Fredericton Region Museum.  In the process, I have met some wonderful people and heard many of their stories, fielded questions from a a myriad of visitors and continue to learn somethng new about our history every day.  I would like to share some of these stories with you here.  I have collected a fair amount of data that will be of interest to historians and like-minded enthusiasts, but I am not the expert on all things military.  What I do have is a wonderful collection of colleagues who do have some expertise in specific military subjects, and if I can't find an answer to your question, I may know someone I can refer you to who can help.

This initial web page has grown over time, and it tends to crash when it is overloaded with data, so the subject headings found here link to other pages to make it easier to navigate.  I have tried to collect the subject material into Army, Navy and Air Force sections, and if those are your interest, jump to the Index section of this page.  I have a wide variety of general interests as well, and hope you find something that will catch your interest.  Good hunting.

Hal sends

New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM) is located near the town of Oromocto, on 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, New Brunswick.  The Fredericton Region Museum is located in the former Barracks of the Royal Canadian Regiment in the city of Fredericton.  Come and visit us.

5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, New Brunswick is open to the public, you do not need a special pass to visit the two military museums on base, the NBMHM located on Hawthorne Street, and the Canadian Military Engineers Museum, located in the Mitchell Building (J-10) at the corner of Turner and Champlain Streets.

Diagram of Artillery and Armoured Fighting Vehicles on display around 5 CDSB Gagetown.

The NBMHM is open to visitors, and it is where you will occasionally find the author taking guests (like these Army Cadets taking part in training at Camp Argonaut in the summer, examining the Museum's Soviet-built ex-East German T-72 Main Battle Tank), on a guided tour of the military exhibits.  You are most welcome to join us!

If you have a question for me on any of the subject matter here, you can e-mail me at

Defence position overlooking Bell Bridge, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick, ca. 1996.  (Author's Artwork)

The New Brunswick Military History Museum is centred on 5 Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown, New Brunswick.  For details on its activities and collection please view their website:

This list af artifacts on display in the province of New Brunswick has been compiled by the author (Vice President of the Friends of the NBMHM).  Corrections, amendments and updates are most welcome.  Additional photos of the tanks, artillery and major weapon systems and displays in museums in the province may be viewed in the Armoured Fighting Vehicles preserved in Canada section and in the Artillery preserved in Canada section on this website.