Canadian Warplanes 2: Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe

Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe

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Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe, UK Reg. No. G-AAZI, 1930

The Desoutter is a British monoplane liaison aircraft manufactured by Desoutter Aircraft Company at Croydon Aerodrome, Surrey.

In the late 1920s, Marcel Desoutter, a well known pilot, formed the Desoutter Aircraft Company Ltd to follow up his marketing idea to licence manufacture the Dutch aircraft Koolhoven F.K.41. This aircraft had drawn a lot of attention due to its modern design. The licence was obtained and Desoutter began production at Croydon Aerodrome in the former ADC Aircraft factory.

The second production Dutch F.K.41 (registered G-AAGC) was flown to Croydon and was modified by Desoutter and displayed at the Olympia Aero Show, London in July 1929 as the Desoutter Dolphin. This aircraft was later sold in South Africa with registration ZS-ADX and was impressed into service with the South African Air Force.

The name Dolphin was not used again and the British production aircraft was known as the Desoutter and then following the introduction of an improved version the following year the Desoutter I. The National Flying Services Ltd placed a large order and received 19 aircraft. These were all painted black and bright orange and soon became a familiar sight at British flying clubs, where they were used for instruction, pleasure flights and taxi flights.

In 1930 an improved version, the Desoutter II was produced. It had a de Havilland Gipsy III engine, redesigned ailerons and tail surfaces and wheel brakes. (Wikipedia)

The RCAF had one Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe on strength. It was originally registered as G-ABCV, to the Aeronautical Corporation of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 15 September 1930. Likely the only Desoutter ever owned by the Canadian Forces. Loaned to Winnipeg Flying Club, CF-CBZ, ownership transferred to them on 20 November 1936. CF-CBZ was destroyed in hanger fire at Winnipeg on 21 March 1938. (CASPIR)

(FOTO Fortipan Photo)

Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe, UK Reg. No. G-AAZI, c1930.

(FOTO Fortipan Photo)

Desoutter Mk. II Sports Coupe, UK Reg. No. G-ABDZ), c1930.

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Desoutter Mk. I in the Shuttleworth Collection, UK.

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