Canadian Warplanes 4: Percival Proctor

Percival Proctor

(RAF Photo)

Percival Proctor Mk. IV in flight.

The Percival Proctor was a British radio trainer and communications aircraft of the Second World War. The Proctor was a single-engined, low-wing monoplane with seating for three or four, depending on the model. (Wikipedia)

Five RCAF aircrew were killed in flying accidents (KIFA) flying Proctors. (CWHM)

(IWM Photo, CH 12399)

Proctor Mark III, HM358, of No. 12 Radio School, on the ground at St. Athan, Glamorgan.

(Alan Wilson Photo)

Percival Proctor Mk. III (Serial No. LZ766), Reg.No. G-ALCK, Imperial War Museum, Duxford. UK.

(RuthAS Photo)

Percival Proctor Mk. IV built by F. Hills & Son at Manchester Barton Aerodrome in early 1944. Displayed at the Torbay Museum in 1976.

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