Canadian Warplanes 5: Airbus CC-295 Kingfisher

Airbus CC-295 Kingfisher

(Mike Kaehler Photo)

Airbus CC-295 (Serial No. 517), CFB Comox, British Columbia, Feb 2020.

Airbus CC-295 (16), (Serial Nos. 295001-295016)

16 CC-295 will take over the search and rescue duties currently being undertaken by six CC-115 Buffalo aircraft and 12 CC-130 legacy aircraft.  The CC-295 is a fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft which will carry out critical, life-saving search and rescue missions across Canada’s vast and challenging territory, including the Arctic.  Using integrated sensors, crews will be able to locate persons or objects such as downed aircraft, from more than 40 kilometres away, even in low-light conditions.  This will contribute to improving the overall effectiveness of searches.  It is anticipated that the on-scene search time will be reduced with the use of these enhanced sensor capabilities.  The aircraft will also use state-of-the-art communications systems that will allow search and rescue personnel to share real-time information with partners on the ground.  The existing fleets will be maintained and operated throughout the transition to maintain search and rescue capabilities.

(RCAF Photo)

Airbus CC-295, test flight.