Canadian Warplanes 8: Advanced Ceramics Research CU-167 Silver Fox unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Advanced Ceramics Research CU-167 Silver Fox

(Office of Naval Research Photo)

The Sensintel Silver Fox UAV is an Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can conduct autonomous aerial surveillance imaging. The Silver Fox UAV is designed to provide low cost aerial surveillance imaging and carry sensor payload packages weighing up to four pounds. Video images are transmitted from Silver Fox to a ground station for quick reference. One ground station can simultaneously operate ten units.

The Silver Fox was originally developed by Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR), which was purchased by BAE in 2009. Sensintel Inc. purchased BAE Systems Unmanned Aircraft Programs in June 2013. Raytheon purchased Sensintel in January 2015.

The Silver Fox is a gas-powered unmanned system, originally built to help the Navy spot whales, the UAV weighs 20 pounds and is 6 feet long with an 8 ft. wingspan. It also has a 4-pound payload capacity and can stay aloft for five hours. Operators use a laptop and a variety of cameras to control the aircraft.0 pounds. It can carry electro-optical and infrared sensors, providing full-motion imagery for both day and night operations. The Silver Fox carries small payloads and performs autonomous takeoffs and landings. The Silver Fox UAV supports military operations during intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. (Wikipedia)

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