Canadian Warplanes 8: Prioria Robotics CU-169 Maveric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Prioria RoboticsCU-169 Maveric

(Prioria Robotics Photo)

The Prioria Robotics Maveric is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) marketed as a high-performance, next-generation platform for small and miniature UAV operations. Maveric's bendable wings allow for the ability to store a fully assembled airframe in a 6-inch (150 mm) tube.

In 2010, the Canadian Forces acquired five Maveric hand-held micro –UAVs (MUAV) in support of operations in Afghanistan. The fully autonomous MUAV is equipped with image-stabilized cameras and features an on-board processor capable of interpreting the visual stream of data for collision avoidance purposes. The light-weight composite airframe, which features a bird-like design, has bendable wings and a tail section designed or easy storage and transport of the entire MUAV in a tube. Assembly is consequently very rapid and the MUAV is simply hand-launched into action. The MUAV simply performs a skid landing at the end of its mission. (Kestrel Publications)

(Prioria Robotics Photos)

Maveric in flight.

(Prioria Robotics Photo)

CF soldier launching the Maveric in Afghanistan.

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