Canadian Warplanes 9: Schweizer SGS-2-33 glider

Schweizer SGS 2-33

(J.S. )Steve) Bond Photo)

Royal Canadian Air Cadet (RCAC) Schweizer 2-33 based at Winglham, 9 August 2017.

The Schweizer SGS 2-33 is an American two-seat, high-wing, strut-braced, training glider that was built by Schweizer Aircraft of Elmira, New York. The 2-33 was designed to replace the Schweizer 2-22, from which it was derived. The aircraft first flew in 1965 and production was started in 1967. Production was completed in 1981. From its introduction until the late 1980s, the 2-33 was the main training glider used in North America.

The SGS 2-33, indicating Schweizer Glider, Sailplane, 2 Seats, Model 33, was designed by Ernest Schweizer. The aircraft was a derivative of the 2-22, which in turn was based on the SGU 1-7 single place glider of 1937. The 2-33 retained the 2-22 and 1-7's metal wing, single spar and single strut arrangement.

The 2-33 was manufactured in three variants and remained in production for 14 years. Production was only curtailed when demand dropped off due to the import of higher-performance two-place sailplanes from Europe.

The 2-33 was designed to be rugged, easy to maintain and with a high degree of crashworthiness. The 2-33 has a welded steel tube fuselage covered in aircraft fabric. The single-spar, aluminum structure wings are tapered from mid-span and feature top and bottom balanced divebrakes. The wings are covered in aluminum stressed skin. The tailplane and elevator are made from welded steel tube covered in aircraft fabric. The vertical fin is aluminum stressed skin construction, while the rudder is fabric-covered. The 2-33 has a fiberglass nose cone and a one-piece molded front canopy. Access to the rear seat is via door on the right-hand side. Instruments are fitted in the front cockpit only. Most 2-33s have a four-position bungee trim system, with aircraft starting with serial number 500 equipped with a "ratchet-lock trim”. (Wikipedia)

RCAF had Schweizer SGS 2-33 (58), RCAC (86).

(Sancho McCann Photo)

Schweizer SGS 2-33A sailplane/glider, C-FJMM, in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets paint scheme, Gimli, Manitoba, 13 June 2004.

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