Out of Darkness - Light, A History of Canadian Military Intelligence, Volume 2, 1983 to 1997 (Book)

Canada has a rich and interesting military intelligence history, one that continues to grow at a rapidly expanding rate. Intelligence is a key element of operations, enabling commanders to successfully plan and conduct operations. It enables them to win decisive battles and it helps them to identify and attack high value targets. In order to ensure the Commanders have the required support they need to plan and conduct operations, members of Canada's Military Intelligence Branch are serving in an increasingly dangerous number of hotspots around the world. In recent years they have served in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, Somalia, Rwanda, East Timor, and Afghanistan just to name a few. While Intelligence personnel have played a major role to play in ensuring the successful completion of these interdiction missions, many of their stories remain classified. This "history" cannot truly be complete until the official secrets act permits a clearer picture to be told. Out of Darkness-Light, Volume 2, should, however, give the interested reader at least a partial view of some of the service that has been carried out on Canada's behalf by the CF Intelligence Branch for the years 1983 to 1997.

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