Out of Darkness - Light, A History of Canadian Military Intelligence, Volume 3, 1998 to 2005 (Book)

Canada has a rich and interesting military intelligence history, one that continues to grow at a rapidly expanding rate. Virtually everyone who has served in Canadian Military Intelligence has an incredible a story to tell, many of which you will find here. Out of Darkness—Light, Volume 3, has been compiled from a collection of Intelligence Reports, Intelligence Summaries and many other writings on the subject of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch. The history is told in the words of currently serving members of the Branch, and is primarily written for those who have been 'in the trade', so to speak. The story would be impossible to tell by just one person, since there are so many different viewpoints. The author is indebted to his colleagues in the trade for their contribution to this history, although it cannot be complete until the official secrets act permits a clearer picture to be told. Out of Darkness—Light, Volume 3, is intended to present the interested reader with at least a partial view of some of the military service that has been carried out by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch for the years 1998 to 2005. E Tenebris Lux.

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