Royal Navy (RN) His Majesty's Ships (HMS) in Canadian waters

Royal Navy (RN) His Majesty's Ships (HMS) in Canadian waters

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950943)

HMS King George V (41) shown here in the North Atlantic, c1940-1941, was the leadship of the five British King George V-class battleships of the Royal Navy.  She was laid down in 1937 and commissioned in 1940.  King George V operated in all three major theatres during the Second World War.  In May 1941, King George V was involved in the hunt for the German Battleship Bismarck.  She inflicted severe damage on the Bismarck, which helped lead to the German vessel's sinking. King George V became the flagship of the British Home Fleet on 1 April 1941. She remained so during the rest of the war, and became a training battleship in November 1947.

(Royal Navy Photo)

HMS Hood visited Vancouver, British Columbia, 25-26 June 1924, and Quebec City in 1925.

(Royal Navy Photo)

HMS Hood.

(Murray Calder Photo)

HMS Hood, and HMS Repulse, Ogden Point wharf, Victoria BC Canada, 1924.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3402180)

HMS Apollo, (63), before 1938, Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3651936)

HM Submarine United, Argentia, Newfoundland, 6 Sep 1944.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo,  MIKAN No. 3398965)

SS Orbita troop ship with camouflaged stern gun, Quebec, 26 Nov 1918. The Orbita entered service as an armed merchant cruiser and later as a troop ship during the First World War, delaying her maiden voyage as a passenger lineruntil 1919. In 1941, she was requisitioned as a troop ship, leaving Durban SA she transported 268 men of the first unit of British Honduran Foresters via Trinidad and Halifax Nova Scotia to the Port of Liverpool on 12 September 1941 She continued as a troop ship until at least 1949.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo,  MIKAN No. 3205247)

RCN Grumman Avenger flying over HMS Artful, 12 May 1951. HMS Artful was an A class submarine of the Royal Navy's 6th Submarine Squadron based in Halifax to assist the RCN with anti-submarine training in the 1950s and 1960s.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3604117)

Alterations and additions on Royal Navy Empire-class Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC), manned by Merchant Seamen and RN, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1944-45.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3199176)

HMS Leeds Castle (K384), 8 February 1951. During the war she served in the B3 Escort Group, protecting Atlantic convoys until the end of the war in 1945. She was scrapped in 1958.

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