Visitors: Questions and Answers (Book)

Visitors, Questions & Answers

Visitors, Questions & Answers

Suppose you could communicate with a visitor who was not from this place, time, space or even this dimension? What would you want to ask them? The answers probably lie in what our own response would be if we were them. Visitors, Questions & Answers is based on a collection of interviews I have had with a few individuals who may have actually had such an experience. The idea is that if enough of us are ready to ask the questions and gain the answers, then our collective knowledge and understanding of the "multiverse" about us can only continue to be enhanced. Sometimes the responses that you will read here are similar; often they are diametrically opposed to each other. An open but highly skeptical mind is extremely necessary if you are going to sift through the data that is presented in this book. The intent is that it should peak your curiosity to learn more about "visitors." In this way, we may be better informed and prepared, and thus in some sort of coherent shape to deal with their arrival. If you read Visitors, Questions & Answers, you must be well prepared to choose for yourself what you will or will not believe.

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