Dream Sayer: New Visions (pending)

Dream Sayer: New Visions (pending)


I have been expecting something. I don’t know what it is or will be, but there is an unmistakable “disturbance in the force”, so to speak. One might be tempted to ask what it is that I might be waiting for. I don’t have a good answer for that, but I do sense that there is a change coming for all of us. Those who pay attention to the path God has set for them and are willing to listen, may feel a greater change, and those who have no interest or awareness in the multiverse unfolding around them may find they - those who merely mouth the words without feeling him inside, will perhaps find they run into a few more speed bumps than they might usually expect to encounter on the highway of life. I don’t think we necessarily need to know what these changes will be until they happen, but we should make the most of the gifts we’ve been given in our present lifetimes, rather than waiting for “something better.” We have the better life. All one has to do is make a comparison with the way we have lived in our present lifetime and grade it against the lives of people anywhere else in the world, particularly with those who live in the so-called “third” world. They see us as having wealth beyond their wildest imaginings, and yet there are those living here who feel they have nothing to look forward to. The change may involve a certain recognition of the blessings we have received in the form of the gifts we have been given. Actually, I think it is a case of taking the time to recognize that we should be counting our blessings instead of constantly searching for “more.”

I believe that God lives through all living things he has created, we are his eyes, ears, heart and window on the world we live in. Of course he made us all, and therefore he made the “others” as well. There are many names for those “others,” and as you have seen, I choose to call them visitors. Perhaps we are like them and they are like us - who knows? I certainly don’t, but I accept the possibility that there are others, and if so, they would be as much of him as we are. I do know with an absolute certainty that Angels walk among us, for I have met many of them. Perhaps all of us in our variations are elements of the clay the master potter has re-made.

As far as our world is concerned, very early into the beginning, “God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” My mother always said, “He is filled with joy when we are happy and do good things and worship him.” This, for me is absolutely right.

It has been suggested that, “even God wants some approval.” From my own observations, “some people are so afraid of dying, they can’t live because of their fear of disapproval from others.” I think this applies to many we know. I remember my cousin Joyce telling me about how her sister Sharon would not accept she was dying of cancer, and refused offers to be taken outdoors to a park in Halifax, even if it was by wheel chair. I visited her in the hospital in Halifax, and even close to the end, she would not accept what was happening. She died very, very bitter, which was equally hard on the rest of her family.

We should be celebrating life, and in fact, I grew up with this celebration. It is a way of life for many New Brunswick families. The conversations exchanged in my parents household ran the gamut from the origin of the pyramids and the nature of ghosts, to the intensity of remembered war stories, funny stories, family stories, murders and treasure, violets and snakes, and of interest in itself, we never seemed out of topics to discuss, or the interest in discussing them. I believe it is because our very nature is to have an interest in what goes on in the world around us, past, present and future. Perhaps that is why I have asked so many people so many questions and through them, gained so many different answers and learned about the incredible number of other equally remarkable and often unique perspectives and points of view.

I have learned that although one person is bound and determined to tell you the sky is blue, many are certain it is black — and depending on who you are talking to, and, of course, the time of day, both can be right. I have observed that still waters often run deep. Knowing that many different points of view may be accurate or “right,” even when it is a cloudy day and you can’t tell for certain what colour the sky is, means you must be open to different points of view. Unfortunately, the moment you make a religion of it, people begin doing terrible things to each other. What if all we ever saw were multi-coloured sunrises and sunsets without multi-hued blue and black skies and all the variations in-between, who would be right then? God has given each of us a great number of gifts. Grant we make the most of them without robbing others of their right to see the colour of sky they are entitled to.

These thoughts started me on the sequel to Dream Seeker. How does the title Dream Sayer sound?

Harold sends

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