Dream Seer: Old Wisdoms (Book)

This is a book of "light" stories that are about the gift of choice we are given in this life. You can choose to live and be full of God's light, or spend most of your time in a very dark place. The dark doesn't like the light, because once it has been touched by the light, it isn't dark anymore. My intent is to tell you about dreams I have had, people I have met, and some of the gifts that have been granted me because of them. Like so many of us, I have had the great privilege of meeting people whom I consider to be true "angels" in all senses of the word. Some of their comments, and in some cases "channelings" have been included in this collection of stories. It is my hope that you will draw a bit of pleasure from some of the information provided here, and perhaps learn something new. The stories are real enough, in that the ideas and thoughts behind them originate from my experiences. Anyone with an interest in Glastonbury, Oak Island, Rennes-le-Chateau, Capernaum and a hundred other places of legend, history and mystery, will find this an interesting book.  (...and can you see the ghost at the front entrance to the cathedral of Trier, Germany?)

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